Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahem... US Airways and UAL are Up... (LCC; UAUA)

...56 and 57%, today. One of our loyal readers may be in the money in the "CNBC Million Dollar Challenge" because of "Dear CFTC: About those Oil Markets. And: A Stock Tip".
We'll be setting up a PayPal account to celebrate his good fortune should he walk with any GE loot.

On the other hand, this untimely bastard may be out of a job. First he waits for the stocks to drop 90% before changing his ratings, then, well it doesn't get any worse (Monday, July 14, 2008):

Ahead of the Bell: Credit Suisse cuts airlines (AAI: ALK; CAL; UAUA)

Here's the story from the AP via Yahoo:

...Analyst Daniel McKenzie cut his ratings on Continental Airlines Inc., United Airlines' parent UAL Corp. and AirTran Holdings Inc. to "Neutral" from "Outperform." He lowered Alaska Air Group Inc. to "Underperform" from "Neutral."...

Let's see how timely this fellow's call is, charts via BigCharts:



The other two have similar trajectories, I'll stick with Dear CFTC: About those Oil Markets. And: A Stock Tip.