Friday, August 17, 2007

Clock is Ticking on Las Vegas' Water Supply and The Elvis Portfolio

So much for Viva Las Vegas.

From Las Vegas Now:

The news coming from the Southern Nevada Water Authority Thursday about the valley's future water supply is worrisome. Unless we act quickly, there will be no water for hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas Valley residents in just three years.

Even if all of the water projects are finished and everything starts working on time, the Southern Nevada Water Authority still predicts a shortage.

That means by 2010, the valley will be short 64-million gallons of water a day.


Five years ago CNN put together an Elvis portfolio (not Elvis' portfolio).
Combine SJM with the two posts immediately below and you've got a party. One addition- CKXE, the 85% owners of Elvis Presley Enterprises, who are trying to finance a leveraged buy-out of the public shareholders. If the deal doesn't go through, CKXE also owns the Heartbreak Hotel across from Graceland. I'll end the same way CNN did five years ago:

Thank you. Thank you very much.