Friday, April 13, 2007

Sustainable Energy-without the hot air

Who better than a Cambridge physics professor to hang out with this weekend? Well maybe a few folks come to mind .
Many years ago a very old and wise and rich speculator said to me "There's time enough to do anything, there's not time enough to do everything, you have to make decisions".
I've made my decision. Somebody should do it.

With that preamble (pre-ramble) here's a seven MB PDF with the above title. (If I can tease you just a bit, it's dated April 11, 2007)

If that seems too daunting, here's the website of David J.C. Mackay, Professor of Natural Philosophy,and Gatsby Senior Research Fellow Department of Physics Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Don't miss the "about me" link on the left.