Monday, April 30, 2007

Corn and soybean stocks increase around the world

From the Bismark Farm and Ranch Guide

Some solid harvest numbers. "USDA estimates Brazil's crop at 58.8 million metric tons or 2.16 billion bushels. Brazil's corn crop is forecast at 49.5 million metric tons or 1.95 billion bushels.

Argentina's soybean crop is not much smaller, at 45.5 million metric tons or 1.67 billion bushels. The average soybean yield is 42.8 bushels/acre.

Argentina is also harvesting a record corn crop at 22 million metric tons, or 866 million bushels. The average corn yield is 7.72 tons/hectare or 123 bushels/acre.

Together, Brazil and Argentina will produce a 3.83 billion bushel soybean crop in 2007 vs. 3.18 billion bushels produced in the United States in 2006."

NASA reports "Record crops in Argentina"