Monday, May 7, 2018

"'Pod Papers' turns podcasts into a magazine"

Now that's retro.

From Fast Company:
Podcasts—and podcast listeners—may think they have no need for paper, but a new magazine hopes to dissuade them of that.
Pod Papers is a new limited-edition magazine that turns your favorite podcasts into reading material. Now fans of shows like 99% Invisible and Dear Sugars can skip the headphones and instead see the stories brought to life on the page—and the pages are beautiful. Other podcasts to grace the pages of Pod Papers include Grammar Girl, Design Matters, The Barnes & Noble Podcast, Foundr and more.

Created by the Paper and Packaging Board, an industry group that works “to help slow the decline in paper use and expand demand for paper-based packaging products,” Pod Papers is available at Barnes & Noble. Two aging industries teaming up to prove they can still contribute to society.
And the story I was originally going for:
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