Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Gas: "DOE testing technology to clean up frack water" (UNG)

I sometimes wonder whether the folks who agitate against frakking are sincere or have some other objective.
It's sort of like the Code Pink ladies.
As it turns out they weren't against war or violence. They haven't said boo about Iraq or Afghanistan  or Libya in, oh, the last couple years or so.
Turns out they're just frauds.

We'll see if the anti-frakking folks get behind this DOE initiative or if they should just go frack themselves.

From Platt's The Barrel blog:
The US National Energy Technology Laboratory is testing what it calls a "novel" water cleaning technology that should "significantly reduce" many of the nasty chemicals found in fluids used to hydro-frack natural gas shale wells.

The laboratory, a branch of the US Department of Energy, said in an April 28 press release it is testing technology that uses swelling glass to remove impurities from flow back water from shale gas wells.
Independent test results from one project was found to remove more than 99% of the oil and grease and more than 90% of the benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes from the contaminated water.

"The results of this project have led to commercial interest from several global energy companies and future collaborative efforts," the DOE said. More tests of the technology will be conducted during the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011....MORE