Monday, May 9, 2011

More Analyst Commentary on Citigroup's Reverse Stock Split (C)

The stock is off its lows for the day at $44.08, down $1.12.
From MarketBeat:

Citi: “Cosmetic Steps to Look More like a ‘Normal’ bank stock”
One thing to keep an eye on Monday. Citigroup’s 1-for-10 reverse stock split takes effect Monday, cutting its number of shares outstanding from 29 billion to 2.9 billion. And catapulting the shares over the $5 barrier for good. (At least Citigroup shareholders hope.) Some thoughts thoughts over the last few months from analysts reverse split.
David Hilder, Susquehanna Financial: Citigroup is clearly taking cosmetic steps to look more like a “normal” bank stock and less like a slim survivor of the financial crisis. By getting the stock price to the $45 range, C hopes to open the door for funds that may not be able to buy stocks priced under $5 a share. Similarly, a new quarterly dividend of $0.01 per share will provide a dividend yield of less than 10 bps but will allow funds that cannot buy non-dividend-paying stocks to buy C....MORE
May 6 
UPDATED: Ahead of Today's Stock Split: Citigroup Gets an Upgrade From Morgan Stanley, Dick Bove Says it Could Triple (C)

Mar. 21 
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