Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Climateer Line of the Day: Now that's Just Perverse Edition

From The Guardian:
... The rise in emissions during 2010, which officials attributed to heating by households in the face of cold winters, is a warning signal to ministers striving to be the "greenest government ever", the analysts said....
The third paragraph of their article, "Coalition will miss carbon budgets, analysts warn".

We mentioned another of the perversions emanating from the home of Alice-in-Wonderland (okay, if you're going to get all technical on me, The Guardian and the Government are based in London, Lewis Carroll hung out at Oxford) in 2008's "So You Want to Be a Carbon Trader...? (ASO; GRN)":
...One of the perverse effects of the European Emissions Trading Scheme is that the colder it gets, the higher the price of carbon. This is because more fossil fuels are used, and carbon emitted. Let's say you think Europe will experience some of it's coldest weather in thirty years by mid-January 2009 and you're not a big enough player to buy European EUA's directly...
Kinda reminds one of the Cheshire Cat:
"We're all mad here."