Saturday, September 23, 2017

IRAN reacts to U.S. President's Comments On Colin Kaepernick By Launching Missles While North Koreans Chant ‘Death to Trump’ Over Steph Currey Dis

Due to threatened budget cutbacks we are considering consolidating our politics, sports, national security and fashion coverage.
Since we're newbs at the politics thing we have looked to media worldwide for guidance on how to proceed.

We think The Guardian was edging up to the NFL/Kaepernick story with "Iran defies Washington as it announces successful missile test".

And "‘Death to Trump’ North Korea stages mass rally hailing Kim Jong-un’s threat to nuke US" - (CAUTION, it's from the Daily Star)* - was obviously about the basketball-loving (or possibly just Dennis Rodman-loving) people of Pyongyang.

*Actually, click away, it's not much worse than the story of the middle-aged, middle-of-the-road columnist, his family, his tentacle porn and the hijinks that ensued.

Anyway, up next: Dictator fashions, then and now. At the Olympics. With rockets.