Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CERN Will Be Using NVIDIA Graphics Processors to Accelerate Their Supercomputer (NVDA)

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$36.28 last, passing the stock's old all time high from 2007, $36.00.

In 2017 Oak Ridge National Laboratory is scheduled to complete their newest supercomputer powered by NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit chips and retake the title of World's Fastest Computer for the United States.

In the meantime NVDA is powering AI deep learning and autonomous vehicles and virtual reality and some other stuff.

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From PC World:

Nvidia's screaming Tesla P100 GPU will power one of the world's fastest computers
The Piz Daint supercomputer in Switzerland will be used to analyze data from the Large Hadron Collider 
It didn’t take long for Nvidia’s monstrous Tesla P100 GPU to make its mark in an ongoing race to build the world’s fastest computers. 
Just a day after Nvidia’s CEO said he was “friggin’ excited” to introduce the Tesla P100, the company announced its fastest GPU ever would be used to upgrade a supercomputer called Piz Daint. Roughly 4,500 of the GPUs will be installed in the supercomputer at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Switzerland.Piz Daint already has a peak performance of 7.8 petaflops, making it the seventh-fastest computer in the world. The fastest in the world is the Tianhe-2 in China, which has a peak performance of 54.9 petaflops, according to the Top500 list released in November. 
Two of the world’s ten fastest computers use GPUs as co-processors to speed up simulations and scientific applications: Titan, at the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Piz Daint. The latter is used to analyze data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. 
Nvidia has already made a desktop-type supercomputer with the Tesla P100. The DGX-1can deliver 170 teraflops of performance, or 2 petaflops when several are installed on a rack. It has eight Tesla P100 GPUs, two Xeon CPUs, 7TB of solid-state-drive storage and dual 10-Gigabit ethernet ports. 
The GPU will also be in volume servers from IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell and Cray by the first quarter of next year. Huang said companies building mega data centers for the cloud will be using servers with Tesla P100s by the end of the year. 
The Tesla P100 is one of the largest chips ever made and may be one of the fastest. It has 150 billion transistors and packs many new GPU technologies that could give Piz Daint a serious boost in horsepower....MORE
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