Monday, August 17, 2015

An Apology To the Financial Times' Izabella Kaminska

I've been asked if I am actually Izabella Kaminska.
I am not.

Taking the explanation one step further, we've never met and have never even corresponded 
We share overlapping interests but I think her range is broader than mine.
And I can't paint worth a damn.

On August 11th Climateer Investing published one of our "Headline of the Day" posts linking to the WSJ's MoneyBeat blog and their "U.S. Morning Links: Google Makes an Alpha Bet on Talent".

As it turns out, the day before Ms. Kaminska had posted "An Alpha-bet to a Zero-ville".

The timestamps leave no doubt which post was, as the IP attorneys phrase it, prior art.
I want to make clear I'm not casting aspersions on MoneyBeat, that they swiped the "Alpha bet" formulation. I'm guessing that this was, sticking with the invention biz terminology, a case of  'multiple discovery' or simultaneous invention by financial wordsmiths.

Still, the honor and prestige of the '....du jour' should have gone to her.

From Dizzynomics:
An Alpha-bet to a Zero-ville
From Google’s official blog on Monday:...
...And now from Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville (the english translation):
And what’s Alpha 60? A giant computer, like they used to have in big business Nueva York… IBM…Olivetti… General Electric…Tokyorama… Alpha 60 is one hundred and fifty light years more powerfulI see. People have become slaves of probabilities....MORE
Not just precedence but style points for the Godard ref. Now if she had also dropped a Jean-Luc Picard cite...

As hangdog contrition I'll offer up a couple stories about Polish people.
From Badass of the Week:
August 15th, 2015 marks the 95th anniversary of the greatest military victory in modern Polish history. And before you assholes out there start talking about how they finally built a mosquito-proof submarine because they installed screen door hatches or some other such bullshit, you should know that on August 15, 1920, the battered, war-torn country of Poland defended their capital against the onslaught of Leninist Soviet Russia, halting the progress of Communism across post-World War I Europe despite being outnumbered, outgunned, and almost completely surrounded by hardcore enemy soldiers wanting nothing more than to stomp Polish faces into proletariat borscht with the bootheels of militant Bolshevism. With their own capital city at their backs, the Poles utterly demolished the entire might of the Soviet army during the “Miracle on the Vistula”, and they did it in the most badass way imaginable – by straight-on bayonet charging a superior force in the hopes of breaking their morale with one ultra-brave display of the Polish military’s giant kielbasa dongs.
In their desperate attack, sweeping through the demoralized conscript forces of the Red Army and rolling up their flank, the Poles were led by the greatest military commander in modern Polish History – Marshal Jozel Pilsudski. Take a look at that dude for a second. Honestly, his amazing moustache and badass manly 1900s crew cut alone should convince you of his crippling badassitude, but this guy was a revolutionary, bank robber, guerilla, underground writer, General, and political activist who shanked faces with a razor-sharp saber and survived hardcore imprisonments in everything from Siberian gulags and St. Petersburg Mental Institutions to Polish castles and inescapable German mountain fortresses....

And an even badder badass: