Monday, June 25, 2012

The "Breastaurant" Business Is Booming

Who knew?
I mean seriously, who's the analyst who covers Twin Peaks?
From Slate:
Complementary Goods
The Associated Press reported over the weekend that the "breastaurant" segment of the food service industry is booming. What's a "breastaurant"? Well, loosely speaking it's like Hooters. Except the news AP reported was actually that Hooters is losing ground to competitors: "The nation's top three 'breastaurant' chains behind Hooters each had sales growth of 30 percent or more last year, according to Technomic, a food industry research firm."

Hooters itself seems to be struggling, so we don't really know how the segment as a whole is doing....MORE
I'm reminded of this post from 2008:

Bill Gate's and the Retirement Planning Team

I'm not sure who the guy in the red sweater is, probably an actuary
or something.

By the way, here's the real retirement video. I know, I thought the CES vid was real.
HT (on the real retirement video): Gizmodo
Here's the retirement video Bill showed at CES, 2008...