Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Assets that Ain't Going to Germany: "Picasso, Mondrian works stolen in Athens art heist"

The northerners will probably get a stake in the phone company and maybe the Port of Piraeus but they aren't getting the Mondrian.
From CNN:
A Pablo Picasso painting given to the Greek people in recognition of their resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II has been stolen from the National Art Gallery in Athens.

"Head of a Woman," painted in 1939, was among three works taken in the early morning heist on Monday, the authorities said. A fourth work was dropped by the thief, or thieves, during their getaway.

The Picasso portrait, which depicts a woman in a white blouse against a blue background, is inscribed on the reverse: "For the Greek people, a tribute from Picasso." It was donated by the artist in 1946.

Greek police say the raider, or raiders, also made off with Piet Mondrian's "Landscape with a mill," and a pen-and-ink sketch of San Diego de Alcala in ecstasy by Renaissance artist Guglielmo Caccia.
"Landscape with a farm," a second figurative painting by Dutch artist Mondrian -- who is better known for his abstract works -- was left behind as the burglar ran away.

Officers say the intruder, or intruders, interfered with the alarm system several times overnight, setting it off repeatedly so that it was disabled by the museum guards....MORE
HT that the story was out there: naked capitalism