Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What to Get the Survivalist Who Has Everything?

You probably have to deal with this question every year.
[who on earth do you think your readership is? -ed]
From Gizmag:

...6. Holiday survival gear

Given that the world is going to end in 2012 (unless the Mayans forgot to carry the 1), we thought that some of the latest post-apocalyptic survival gear might be an appropriate addition to this year's list. If you're likely to be working when the apocalypse strikes then the IMPACT Ballistic Clipboard will provide some defense as you make your way to your underground bunker. Stocking the bunker with food that won't go bad before the zombie apocalypse has run its course will obviously be a priority for those sitting the devastation out ensconced in concrete. With a claimed shelf life of over two years and coming in Pepperoni or BBQ Beef, the Tactical Sammich could fit the bill. Meanwhile, for those adventurous enough to head out to find something fresher for the menu, the Pack-Rifle could be a welcome addition under the tree. And if the recipient is the kind that likes to keep score in the gift-giving season, since the Pack-Rifle combines a fishing rod and a takedown rifle in one device, you could argue it actually counts as two gifts....MORE
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Also from Gizmag, handy going-to-see-the-Donald hints: