Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"60 Elvis Impersonators Flee Fire Alarm"

Enough First Solar, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Some years ago I was trying to track down something or other relating to Ted Binion's silver hoard and found myself standing on Fremont Street quoting Hunter S Thompson:
 "Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last minute pre—dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino. Big strike in Silver City. Beat the dealer and go home rich. Why not? I stopped at the Money Wheel and dropped a dollar on Thomas Jefferson—a $2 bill, the straight Freak ticket, thinking as always that some idle instinct bet might carry the whole thing off. But no. Just another two bucks down the tube. You bastards! No. Calm down. Learn to enjoy losing....
when the longest limousine in a city of long limos pulls up and all these Elvis impersonators start piling out.

It was hilarious and I lost it and couldn't stop laughing at the sight of maybe two dozen Elvi, young Elvis, older Elvis, fat Elvis, leather pants Elvis etc.
About half of them went with the Jumpsuit Elvis look. Sooo... when I saw this story:

From the Telegraph:
A group of 60 Elvis impersonators had to flee a charity fundraiser after a faulty smoke machine set off the fire alarm, it has been reported.

The lookalikes were attending a charity function in Rochester, Kent, when the fire alarm sounded late on Saturday night.
It is believed that it was set off by a faulty smoke machine that formed part of the Elvis act at the fundraiser.
Guests leaving the hotel were stunned to see a group of around 60 impersonators, dressed in wigs and full rhinestone costume, gathered in the car park.
"I was in a bit of a state getting out of my room," one guest told the Daily Mirror. "But I was more confused when I got outside to see all these people dressed as Elvis.
"There were people in full Elvis jumpsuits and wigs standing by a roundabout, looking a bit worse for the wear."...MORE
From last year's "When Too Much is Not Enough":
First impressions matter.


How many Elvis impersonators could you fit in this ride?

from Web Urbanist:
You Name It: The Biggest [Blanks] in the World!