Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goldman Sachs: "The world’s top 280 energy projects"

A very nice catch at FT Alphaville:

Here’s an exhaustive view of the energy projects that are likely to change the world according to Goldman Sachs.

In fact, the bank says there are 280 such projects currently under development or in the process of exploration. And here’s how they’re positioned

(click to enlarge):

Now, it’s worth noting that Goldman thinks smaller companies invested in these assets could be prime acquisition targets in the future.

And, having screened the companies according to size, viability, materiality and growth, it identifies the following possible targets:

On this basis, Tullow, Soco, Cairn India, OPTI (not covered), Hess, Heritage, Nexen and St Mary Land & Exploration (not covered) screen attractively. Of the companies whose EVs are over US$25 bn, OGX and BG also screen attractively.