Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lithium: "French billionaire launches $1.5B EV battery play" (BOLL: Paris)

We last posted on Bolloré in the April post "France's Bollore opens talks over Bolivia's lithium (BOLL: Paris)":
Bolivian mining officials have opened talks with French conglomerate the Bollore Group, which is vying for a contract to mine lithium at the Uyuni salt flat, President Evo Morales said on Tuesday....
...The Bollore Group (BOLL.PA) has developed a lithium battery that can power an electric car at a speed of up to 77 miles per hour (125 km/hr) with a range of 155 miles (250 km)....
Yesterday Cleantech reported:

France's Bolloré Group (EPA:BOL) unveiled today its $120 million upgrade to a lithium-metal-polymer battery factory in Québec, Canada, that the company took over in 2007.

French billionaire and Bolloré Group CEO Vincent Bolloré told the Cleantech Group that the expansion is part of his company's $1.5 billion initiative to have two facilities with a total production capacity of 30,000 solid-state batteries per year to supply makers of electric vehicles with an alternative to lithium-ion batteries....MORE