Monday, August 31, 2009

Infrastructure Stocks: The Next Bubble of "Mammoth Proportions," Says Altucher (ASTE; LNN; NUE;TIE; VMC)

We like James Altucher. See links below the video.
From Yahoo Finance:

Brace yourselves. Only a year after the housing and credit bubble officially burst with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, a new "bubble of mammoth proportions" is starting to grow, says James Altucher, managing partner, Formula Capital.

Bubble 3.0 (Internet and housing being bubbles 1.0 and 2.0, respectively), comes thanks to the stimulus bill. "We have a trillion dollars coming. Only 10% of it's been spent. Interest rates are near zero." Altucher's advice: follow the stimulus dollars and invest in the infrastructure stocks that are rebuilding America.

Topping his 'buy' list:

But what about the growing government debt that funds these projects?

Altucher isn't concerned....MORE

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Richter Scales!!

When doing a search on Google for Warren Buffett's quote:
He lied like a Finance Minister on the eve of a devaluation.
you'll see Climateer in the #2 position and Mr. Altucher in #4. Here are a couple of our posts that link to him:
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