Friday, June 19, 2009

NRG's Winning Strategy Against a Hostile Bid (NRG, BRK.A)

From Bnet:
Power plant operator NRG says that a hostile bid made by Exelon, a larger rival, to acquire the company significantly undervalues it. To prove it, NRG has been going gangbusters for months at racking up deals and partnerships. It’s going out of its way to secure a place in the new, renewable energy-based economy, and doing so in a very public way....
...In February, I covered NRG’s tie-up with solar thermal plant designer eSolar, a deal that just yielded a 92 megawatt solar farm that the two companies will build in New Mexico for El Paso Electric. And to round it all out, NRG also works in the wind market, and just acquired a Texas company called Reliant Electricity, helping secure its foothold in that state....MORE
Here are our previous posts on NRG. the first one explains why I included Berkshire's symbol in the headline.