Monday, July 23, 2007

Planktos and Charles Darwin

This will be the last Planktos post for today. We have a history test coming up.

1) Who sailed to the Galapagos Islands in 1831, thus forming the base for what would be, thirty years later, The Origin of Species? (it's an open book test). Here's the book.

2) Who else is sailing to the Galapagos'? Here's a hint from a stock tout:
PLKT: Huge profits from global warming

3) Who thinks this is really dumb? The Charles Darwin Foundation:

...Planktos, Inc., a for-profit eco-restoration company based in San Francisco, US, has chosen the international waters near the Galapagos Islands to experiment seeding the oceans with iron dust. The Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) is alarmed about this activity because of the unknown effects it could have on marine life and other ecosystems in Galapagos.

The Beagle has landed (a solid right hook).