Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Kansas, I'll See ya and Raise: Five Tornados at one time off Novorossiysk, Russia

Okay, waterspouts. if you're going to get all technical on me.


I'm not sure about RT, their stories sometimes have a bit of a National Enquirer feel to them but I was told by an ex-pat that this actually happened back in August. Number five is curling in from the top left.

From Russia Today:
No less then five tornadoes have sprung up just a kilometer out at sea from the port town of Novorossiysk. 

The five huge columns of water emerged from a black storm cloud in the region.
Police evacuated locals from the shore as a precaution,
 but luckily the tornadoes missed the town. No buildings were damaged and nobody was injured.
Weather forecasters say an abrupt change in temperature caused the tornadoes. They predict more storms over the European part of Russia.

Meanwhile, a sudden cold snap has put an end to the record heat wave in Moscow – for the first time in two months, the temperatures are below the average.

The cold front that suddenly hit western Russia is shocking people no less than the recent heat wave: within two days, the temperatures dropped from the upper 20s to 9 degrees Celsius.
Over the summer Russia broke at least 22 heat records. The abnormal heat raised the mortality rates, fueled deadly forest fires and caused terrible smog.

Ecologists say that such weather conditions are not to be expected within the next 5,000 years.
Meteorologists assured Muscovites that the normal temperatures for this time of the year will return over the weekend.
Also at RT:
Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way