Thursday, March 3, 2016

No Inflation? Look At This (#3 will shock you)

That's my feeble attempt at clickbait.

And before some grammar cop goes all pedantic semantic, I know these charts don't describe inflation, just a price rise in a limited subset of producer prices that may or may not feed into a type of cost-push inflation somewhere down the road.
Or not.

And as for the clickbait, they're charts of base metals. I mean, I don't have a lot to work with here.
Thank you.

From Polemics Pains:

Metals - The path to inflation. 
Many folk are debating whether the bounce in stocks is just a bounce or if a base is in. Many more are also in fevered debate over the intricacies of whether there are hints of slowdowns in deflation in country data. Meanwhile an elephant is lumbering around the room unnoticed, helping itself to their sandwiches. Metals. The rise in the price of metals has been continuing quietly for a while now, but for those of you who haven't been watching here's a charty catch up...MORE
HT: Mr. Keohane's Further Reading post.

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