Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Did Your Kid Do Yesterday? "17-Year-Old Girl Wins $100,000 Award for Cancer Research"

I've said it before, I hate kids.*
I feel very old.
From the Mercury News:

You can't put a price on the importance of medical innovation, but $100,000 will do nicely for a Monte Vista High School senior.

Angela Zhang of Cupertino won a $100,000 scholarship for her cancer fighting research in the 2011 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, one of the top competitions for young scientific minds. Zhang's prize-winning research studied the use of nanotechnology to eradicate cancer stem cells.

Zhang was among the top scientific students in the nation during the finals last weekend at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She was among a mere six individuals and six teams that competed.

In her project, Zhang aimed to design a targeted gold and iron oxide-based nanoparticle with the potential to eradicate cancer stem cells through a controlled delivery of the drug salinomycin to the site of the tumor. The multifunctional nanoparticle combines therapy and imaging into a single platform, with the gold and iron-oxide components allowing for both MRI and photoacoustic imaging.

Competition judges compared Zhang's created microscopic nanoparticle to a "Swiss Army knife of cancer treatment" that can seek out cancer cells and then destroy them. The nanoparticle system can be triggered to release drugs at the site of a tumor while also allowing for non- invasive imaging....MORE

Just saying the name of her project is intimidating:
Design of Image-guided, Photo-thermal Controlled Drug Releasing Multifunctional Nanosystem for the Treatment of Cancer Stem Cells - Biochemistry
The top five prize winners:

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I hate kids
And I'm guessing there weren't any baking soda volcanoes in the competition....