Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Meanwhile in Switzerland: It's Raining Chocolate

From Sputnik:

Dee Land of Chocolate: Mishap at Swiss Lindt Factory in Olten Rains 'Cocoa Nibs' on Shocked Citizens
A Swiss town was surprised by an unexpected weather forecast of chocolately snow after a glitch in a local factory caused the malfunction last week, media reported on Wednesday.
German chocolatier Lindt & Spruengli confirmed in reports that its plant in Olten, a small town between Zurich and Basel, was hit with a small error in its cooling ventilation system, causing the factory to rain roasted "cocoa nibs" across the municipality.

Strong winds on Friday spread the chocolatey treats near the factory, coating objects in a fine cocoa powder. The company offered to pay to clean a car sprinkled with the delicious mess but the owner has not yet accepted the offer....