Thursday, August 6, 2020

Logistics: "A container from China arrives in Narvik. It could pave way for a new transport route"

From The Barents Observer, August 5:

It is quick and cheap and will open new markets, route developers say. This week, a first test container makes its way from China to the north Norwegian port of Narvik.
The shipping container was in mid-July loaded on a train in the Chinese city of Hefei. Less than two weeks later, it had made it through Kazakhstan and Russia, and all the way to Finland. In Helsinki, the container was sent north and then westwards across the border to Norway.
On the 4th August, a group of local logistics developers with eager greeted the load as it rolled into the port area of Narvik, the north Norwegian town and infrastructure hub.

This successful delivery shows that goods smoothly can be sent between Narvik and China and that a new northern transport route can be developed, representatives of the Narvik Seaport say.
We have what is needed, they argue, and point at the railway connection to nearby Sweden and Finland and the seaport that can handle large-size ships.

“There is a major potential for this route,” project coordinator Anna Filina says to the Barents Observer.

Quick route, low price
She believes various manufactured goods can be sent from China to Narvik, while Norwegian fish can be sent the other way. It will be of great use for business in northern Norway, she argues. Also companies outside the region, including from other parts of Norway, as well as countries such as the UK, USA and Canada, can benefit....