Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Lloyd's At The Top Of The Covid-19 Losses League Table"

A story earlier today from the FT's David Keohane, "Axa cancels special dividend as it suffers €1.5bn pandemic hit " reminded me that Artemis' sister site, Reinsurance News is running a leaderboard of of coronavirus whacks:

COVID-19 loss reports and reserves reported by insurance or reinsurance companies
This table documents publicly reported COVID-19 pandemic-related losses, reserves and estimates from insurance and reinsurance companies.

The data was originally collected by Zurich-based financial services advisory PeriStrat LLC, operated by Hans-Joachim Guenther, and has now been augmented and updated where we can by Reinsurance News. 

As insurance and reinsurance companies report new totals for their estimates of actual losses caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and their loss reserve setting, we will update this list and the running total.

As of August 5th, 2020, the running total is: US $24 billion
CompanyCOVID-19 loss & reserves estimate ($m)Last updated DD/MM/YYYY
FM Global (total sublimits)3,00015/05/2020
Swiss Re2,50022/07/2020
Munich Re1,66320/07/2020

As can be seen, there are updates to come