Friday, July 6, 2018

"For only the second time on record, no one killed by tornadoes in US in May or June"

The death toll numbers have pretty good historical accuracy, folks tend to notice if grandma didn't make it out of the wreckage or if a body falls from the sky.

What's even more impressive, statistically speaking, is the extremely low tornado count, which is running near historical lows. The National Weather Service only vouches for numbers since 1950, one of the shortest time-series in U.S. weather and even there caution that many tornadoes were missed early in the official record, until radar tech matured.

The two stats are related of course via that better radar giving more accurate and more timely warnings thus saving lives while at the same time increasing the total number of tornadoes recorded as rural or short-lived twisters that otherwise weren't recorded are now caught in the record.

Here's the recent record with 2018 not only running below the 10-year ('05-'15) average but YTD the lowest this century.

We'll update when the next graph comes out.

And the headline story from USA Today:
Doyle Rice | USA TODAY |
Although we have a long way to go, the U.S. could see its least deadly year for tornadoes on record: So far in 2018, tornadoes have killed only three people. The most recent was on April 13 in Louisiana, according to the Storm Prediction Center.
An average of 71 Americans are killed each year by tornadoes, based on data from 1987 to 2016, the Weather Channel reported....MORE